Sunday, March 30, 2008

In memory of Tony

Tony is now absent from the house. It's strange that I am now left with Shy Boy, I'd never had much to do with him before as Tony had always been the 'middle man'. I've always been withdrawn and unadventurous, so, as well my being a lot older and Shy Boy being such a young rascal, we do make an odd pair.

We spent a lot of time together yesterday evening, exploring many of Tony's old haunts. I even walked as far as the linen press, then we lay together under the throw. I quite enjoyed myself actually. He can be quite an agreeable little thing when he's calmed down.

Gordon Brown
In memory of Tony

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Jolien said...

Dear mister Brown

I was very glad to see that you posted on late mister Blair's blog. I did enjoy reading his posts about his getting about at his (and your) home. And you continuing this blog would be a comfort and a way of keeping track of what goes on between you and Archangel Gabriel. It would be nice as well if you could get some information from Helena about what is going on with Mr. Blair's artistic heritage in the meantime.

Many thanks for this post anyway.

Greetings from a devoted Belgian reader.